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The Quality Goes In Before Our Name Goes On
Each component of our tables and tops is hand selected to ensure defect-free products. The crate tops are manufactured using only quality lightweight, durable plywood.
    Unique benefits of the blue pebble matting used on our crate tops include:
  • Omni-directional
  • Durable
  • UV / Mildew Resistant
  • Easy To Clean With Soap And Water
    Vari Kennel Crate Tops:
  • Will Fit Any Plastic Vari Kennel Style Crate
    (With The 4 Round Dents In The Top)
  • Fits Wire Crates Too!
  • Locks on - Won't Slide Off
  • New GT Size Accommodates Grooming Arms
  • Tie Down Hardware Included
    Crate Plugs:
  • Stack Your Crates
  • No More Worries About Sliding
21"Wx24"L200 GT$34.00
23"Wx30"L300 GT$45.00
26"Wx34"L400 GT$58.00
    Never Leave Any Animal
  Unattended On Any Table
100 V.K.4/Pkg$  2.00
200 thru
400 V.K.
4/Pkg$ 2.00

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